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Mazal Tov on your Bar/Bat-Mitzvah! Or, as we say in Swahili, pongezi!

Becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an amazing experience of learning, growing up and self-awareness. It is a point in life where you have the opportunity to reflect about the world we live in and the world around us. Choosing a special charitable Mitzvah project is a great way to enjoy your Bar/Bat Mitzvah and have a meaningful experience.

Africa 3030 offers Bnei/Bnot Mitzvah a truly unique opportunity of learning and being part of one of the world's most exciting projects, which involves social activists from Israel and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the poorest and most difficult country in the world. Africa 3030 puts the values of tikkun olam and Ve'Ahavta Le'Reacha Kamocha at its forefront. Africa 3030 and its partner in Congo, the Pole Pole Foundation grow a "superfood" called spirulina, which is a type of micro-algae that is the richest food nature has to offer. It has more protein than red meat and 20 times more iron than spinach! For a malnourished child in Congo, facing a life-threatening situation, spirulina is a life-saver! Dozens of malnourished children come to our centers on a daily basis where they receive spirulina and other food and are monitored by a professional nutritionist. 

The best thing about our project is that is is VERY effective! It only costs 25 cents per day to provide a child with spirulina. It costs $90 a year to save a child's life. So believe it or not, with as little as $90 you can do the best tikkun olam possible by saving a child's life and providing him/her with a brighter future!

Start your Mitzvah Campaign here and start saving lives today!


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