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Africa 3030 is an international organization, which aims to promote community empowerment and nature conservation programs in different areas of Africa. Africa 3030 has been operating in eastern Congo (DRC) since its establishment as an association in 2014 (and also before) and has continued to focus on this region due to the endless needs and problems of the local population and the excellent working relations formed with local partners.  Since 2012 Africa 3030 has been operating in a unique region that consists one of the world’s most vital biodiversity hotspots, teeming with virgin rainforest and rare and endangered animal species such as the eastern lowland gorilla; and also the poorest and most disadvantaged human population on earth. Both humans and wildlife, who are mutually dependent, struggle to survive the hardships of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Africa 3030 works to support communities and protect the wildlife in a holistic and mutually beneficial manner, for future generations.

Team and children at the spirulina center.jpeg
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